A Professional With Integrity

Multi-tasking is Tia's special skill, and although she wears many hats, she does it all with quality and competence. She is also kind, gracious, and responsive -- which I appreciate in a colleague/mentor -- and is always willing to go out of her way to help someone out. I've encountered many shady individuals in the publishing biz, who are just out to make money off of naive, aspiring authors, but Ms. Ross is a woman of integrity who truly cares about the work she does and the people she works for.

Steph Casher

Impressive Skill

I was so impressed with Tia's skills across industries, including managing web development and design for the BWRC, we have invited her to speak to Indigenous writers in Australia about how to build their own web presence. Because of Tia's commitment to deliver quality work, I have no hesitation in recommending her services to you.

Dr. Anita Heiss

Great Asset

I have had the pleasure of working with Tia for several years as she has supported several initiatives for my company in general business consulting, project management and editing and technical writing programs. Tia's attention to detail, broad range of knowledge and experience that spans several business verticals has proven to be a great asset to me in the past, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the very near future.

Sherry James


Tia is gifted with talents and abilities that take her seamlessly from working with many of us in creative arts directly into the business world. Her skills in project management, organization, web content strategies and social media integration have assisted many of us in transitioning from 'just' writers to entrepreneurs.

Jeanette Hill

Excellent Results

I have worked with Tia Ross for over twenty years, and she has yet to not meet my expectations for her excellent results. Tia is detail-oriented and WON'T QUIT ON a project until it is up to her high quality standards. Her organizational skills are meticulous, and she has a great knowledge base, awesome team-building skills, and a drive that is unmatched by others. Her decision-making skills are superb.

Vincent Alexandria

Unmatched Professionalism

I have had the pleasure of working with Tia over the past several years. I have always openly applauded Tia for her professionalism, special attention to detail, great organizational skills and technical abilities. Tia's professionalism is unmatched!

Renee Flagler

Recognized as a Doer

I met Tia nearly two decades ago where she and I were two of few women working in the male-dominated area of web design. As the saying goes…birds of a feather. During subsequent years, I have had both the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. If you know Tia, you know she not only wears many hats, she wears them well. She is an accomplished web designer, event planner, project manager, copy editor and philanthropist. Tia is recognized in the literary community as a person who gets things done. Tia has put so many authors on the right track to getting their books published and sold! Any organization would benefit by having Tia Ross as a team member. She is professionalism personified. I am honored to recommend Tia, and you would be fortunate to have her work with your organization.

Pam Walker-Williams

Integrity, Straight-forward, Honesty

I've known Tia Ross for years and find her to be a respectable woman who runs her business with integrity and skill. Tia is hardworking and diligent. She is passionate about her profession and this comes out through her excellence in execution. Tia is straight-forward and honest in all aspects of her personal and business life and can be counted on without hesitation.

Clark Morris Jr.

Top-Notch Results

Ms. Ross is a consummate professional. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and delivers top-notch results in a timely manner and on budget. I would recommend her for editing, web development, design, scripting, database programming, SEO, marketing, e-commerce, WordPress and project management.

Anita Muhammad

Efficient, Honest & Effective

Tia's name can be listed among synonyms for web development, programming, SEO, and numerous other web related terms. Since the early days of web development, Tia's heartbeat has been in sync with the pulse of the ever-evolving internet umbrella. She studies the languages, the interfaces, and the styles all in an effort to provide her clients with the best the web has to offer through the magic of her creativity. Her creative thinking is always in full spin mode. Tia is committed to excellent service, truth in service, and efficient service. You can't go wrong in choosing Tia for your project.

Shawn H., MS

Highly Skilled Technical Professional

Tia is a dedicated, highly skilled technical professional. Her skills range from web development, project management, to database programming and e-commerce. She is always willing to help and answer questions with patience.

Michelle Chester

Detailed Organizer

Tia is an exceptional organizer, facilitator and manager. She is extremely detailed in her project undertakings and pushes for perfection.

Tye Taylor

Extremely Knowledgeable

Tia is my "go to" person. She is always first on my list for any questions I may have that are HTML or "writing" oriented. She is intelligent, hard-working, professional, speedy and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot think of any questions that she can’t seem to answer and quickly.

Felicia Harris

Vast Experience and Skill

I have known Tia for several years and during all that time I still learn something different about her each time I work with her. She's one of the most professional and at the same time, fun-loving people that I have ever met. The vast level of experience and skills that she has acquired over the years makes her a valued ally and a formidable opponent. She is someone who believes that you are never too old to learn and she is always open to new things and fresh ideas. Tia is one person that I know will always speak frankly and tell me the truth whether I want to hear it or not...and I love her for that! Tia's impressive resume speaks for itself. As a meeting planner, she is one of the best and as a business professional and colleague, she is next to none! I truly value her as a business and industry partner and I cherish her as a friend!

Dvorah Evans

Proven Capabilities

Tia brings a wealth of talents to the table. Foremost is her professionalism and eye for details. From my earliest interactions with Tia Ross that date back to the late ‘90s, she has demonstrated tenacity, great technical skills and the aptitude to get the job done.

Memphis Vaughan, Jr.

Exceptional Technical Writer & Resource

Tia is an exceptional technical writer and people person. She is also an excellent resource and a pleasure to work with.

Demetrius Nelon

Incomparable Service

I've called on Tia to consult me on several projects, and she has always come back to me with more information/resources than I requested or sometimes had thought of. Her professionalism is incomparable from start to finish, and that is what keeps me coming back to work with her on my priority projects.

Velisa Crayton

Subject Matter Expertise

I have had the pleasure of working with Tia Ross over the years, and I quickly realized that she is the true definition of 'subject matter expert' in all of her industries. She takes a consultative approach and leaves no room for errors, challenging her clients to be the best they can be while educating through the process.

C. Mikki Dawson

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